Showcase - March 12-18, 2018

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@MarcusEee really interesting concept, only the kicks seems a bit out of the sound for me, overall, something different, which is dope
@MarcusEee nice mix and the vocals as well, too pop-ish for my taste, but I could see a lot of people enjoying it, nice work
@MarzTheMartian i think the mixing needs a little job to do more, but overall nice work, like the vibe
@RCS simple, but perfect, great work, keep it up!

Check out my latest if you have time and leave some feedback if you will
@KuKo Hey, I really like that...pad? Sample? I think it's a reversed sample, I don't know. It sounds very nice and strikes a very resonant chord. But the beat, I think, is missing an element of progression. I think maybe another sound belongs in there somewhere. Maybe just a rapper.

If you'd like, check out my most recent beat, which is very different from what I had done previously:


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This Crazy yo???? Sell this shit to NECRO Asap! Fiyah! I would consider upgrading the drum sounds a bit, u really want that shit to smack you in the face on a beat like this. Cool beat man

@Marc Duncan
Interesting sample Flip of Puns Still not a player, not sure how i feel to be honest. I dont even think u need that sample in there.

The start of the bass sounds out of tune? I would slap some compression on here and turn the bass down, Its killing the whole track.
I like the flute sample and bells. Strings can get a bit repetetive.

Love the old skool vibe, but something i noticed was it sounded like you had the same drum kit and same drum pattern on all 4 beats?

Chill beat. I like it. You could prolly sell this beat. Only thing i noticed is im not sure i would have an old skool vinyl Kickdrum on it. I would go with a more modern Kickdrum

@Memento Mori
Yo! Illuminati demonic chant anyone? this beat is crazy yo. I love the vibe. Sounds fresh and different. Only thing i would consider changing is the attack rate of the sample at the beginning just to smooth it out a bit. cool beat
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@RCS those are dope beats, but they are very monotonous.. you need to add something there..
@GhostChamberz woohaa bro.. that's really great beat! i appreciate your work done! keep it up!
@producervibes that's good sample and good beat bro, but you need to change the snare, i think the sample asks for harder snare!
@8O8 beats you need to increase the rhytm volume bro.. good work!

Here is my latest beat, hope you'll like it!


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@GhostChamberz I really like how the vocals sound in that track, Id like to know if there's some kind of an effect on them or if its just the voice sounding really nice
@Kod4R Very nice, calm, chilled out vibe there, love it.

Im pretty new to making beats and I havent done much, but these are 2 best ones I made so far, hope y'all like it

@Taron I dig the piano in the one, overall the arrangement seems a bit disjointed tho and the mix could be better, namely that synth seems too loud to me. I think thiscould be real dope with some touching up.

The untitled one is nice af, only that synth or woodwind or what is it is too loud again. It's pretty piercing. Thats my only issue with it tho, its cool

@Kod4R This is dope man, great vibe to it. It reminds me of some dope mid 2000's stuff or something, i fuck with it

This my remix of Em's the way I am, lemme know what you think

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