Showcase - March 16-22, 2020

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Mister Miyagi Beats
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Your composing skills are very good. Reminds me a bit of Two Steps from Hell, NIN and mixed in with a bit of Mick Gordon. Very soundtrack-ish like quality to your tracks that I could hear on a video game or music trailer. Overall I am impressed!
Thank you ! Appreciate it
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This my NEW BEAT with JAZZ Mood!:keys::keys::keys:

Very Nice and very laid back beat... sounds great.
according to beats on billboard hot 100 (like swervin by boogie & 6ix9ine) woudn't this beat that a 16 year old made in 12 mins deserve to be on billboard hot 100 too? :D
Just might be top100! Sounds good man, if ya made it in 12 minutes... well played.
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