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Memento Beats

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@Pappas Beats This beat was the hardest to review as it is the most original one in my opinion. Very futuristic I would say. Kicks and claps are too quiet and they fade in the mix. I like this kinda "wobble-like" melody that appears at 0:48. As far as the composition and arrangement are concerned, I don't see the point which the whole beat is going to. There is no "resolution point". I mean it's hard to differentiate particular parts of it. But I have to say, in terms of originality, it is a very new thing. At least to me.

@Matt-D Decent production. I'd say that this clappy sound you used could be less drier. Maybe add a little bit of reverb there. But overall it's very decent. It was nice to listen to it. :)

@Marc Duncan I refrain myself from reviewing "Riding The Waves" as I don't feel it to be honest. I will write something about "How Sway" and "Uncrustables".

"How Sway"- The main melody is very nice. Mixing is good. Claps and kicks should be more exposed in my opinion. I would add drums right at 0:14 because I reckon the intro is quite too long. I like the hat pattern here. I would also add some variety when it comes to the main melody. It's nice that you played with silence when it comes to arrangement but after a few moments of silence in a row it got a bit boring so you should be careful with it. Maybe try to add some plugin that would slow the main theme by half. But overall, it's very decent.

"Uncrustables". Definitely my favourite one from three you presented. :D I love the main melody, I like the choice of sounds. I like the transition at 1:48. Maybe the sound you chose for the main melody could be a little bit quieter but just a little bit However, it's fire in my opinion :D

@WIKTO-GRIZZLY All I can say is that it's a good boom bap beat. Mix is well-done and honestly there is nothing I could criticise here. Good job.

When it comes to the second beat "every evening" I love how you played with those two samples. Mix is great as always. Arrangement and composition is very well-done. I can only write positive things about your productions :D Keep it going. :D

@Hypermanbeatz- main theme is very good. I love this choir you used. I like this panned kicks at 0:15. It's something that is not commonly used I would say. Hihats are too loud for me.

@Illusive beats

"Hustler's Anthem"- Big disappointment :/ I didn't like it to be honest. :/ The beat is quite empty in my opinion. It lacks some kind of background. I don't like the bells melody. So I'm sorry but it's hard for me to write something positive about it. As I mentioned above, big disappointment :/

"Facing The Mirror"- I like the melody here. It is in fact a storytelling beat. Claps and kicks should be louder. It lacks bass.

@WickenBeatz- The mix is kind of muffled and muddy due to too heavy bass. Drums should be more exposed and the melody should be louder.

@stcbeats- Very good drums. Hard-hitting. Bass is quite original. I like this "growly" sound. :D This melody on the guitar could be louder a little bit. But overall, it's a dope beat :)

@artisanaljuice- Vocals are too quiet. They fade in the mix. There is too much going on in my opinion. The second beat is the best I would say. I mean the one that appears at 1:51. I like it very much.

@flyguyj- This is quality. :up2: I like everything about it :D Nothing to add :) Really good production and nice studio ;)

@Thommy777- There is too much going on. Way too much. Really. You should definitely improve the mix. There is no space when it comes to dynamics of the beat. The whole production is squashed and flattened. Drums are hidden somewhere in the background barely audible. Too much high end. It needs improvement.

Memento Beats

Battle Points: 416
As it's the International Women's Day I would like to wish all the ladies in the world all the best. :D

Below you can find a beat that I made two years ago as a gift to the women on this occassion.

Please also find the link to "Syndicate"

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