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@The Thrillz - Love the 808 bass sound you chose and how well the guitar and horn blend together. Laid back and smooth track.

@AlphaStudart - I love the filtered and gritty sound. Overall a feel good beat and very uplifting. My only suggestion is adding EQ to the high end of the Piano. Towards the end of the track the high notes where a bit too bright.

@fatdan - The sample was dope. The kick drum and snare was a bit too bland for my taste. A little EQ on the sample would help with the top-end which is a bit too bright.

@stcbeats - Track has a cool vibe to it. Only suggestion is changing the kick drum to one that blends better with the bass.

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this is still in loop form. I was going to save for the battle but obviously not. thanks for the listen

I think the drums are slightly too loud for that oriental sounding sample, dope sample by the way. Its most noticeable on the kick. As it goes on its a real dope beat, just a little fix on the mix and it will be even better. The bass could be more upfront too.
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