Showcase - May 17-19, 2011

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Slice & Dice
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Post your beats! And please provide feedback.

*Remember: Give feedback, then post your beat.


*** ill o.g. ***
The beat is called Astral Plane, check it out:

Dac: Not familiar with the contest or sample you were talking about, so just listened to this for what it is, and what it is is a nasty beat! Really like the sound of the bass, it sounds well seperated from the mix, sitting underneath it all, though I will say it's maybe a bit busy in places & I would try removing some notes here & there. Love the spacey sounds & strings (I think that's what they are anyway). Drums blend well with the mix, overall great job. Is it a Baris Manco sample by any chance?

Rav3: Funky beat man, sounds well mixed to me. Reminds me of summat Brother Ali would rap over with that high-pitched guitar. Like the drums, the crashes, rolls and everything are sick. Only thing I'm not too keen on is the hook, can't understand what he/she is saying & was just enjoying the sample more without vocals really. Only bit of the vocal I do like is the "aaaah" or whatever at the end of the hook. Top beat though, lot of potential, keep working on it.


Hands Of FIRE!
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Rav3 I couldn't check yours (can't download)

Vis - dope, luv the piano! bass is sick, dope drums... all good on my setup, very clean sound.

wiz - all great beats but jazzy swag is that ish bro, I would rock that hard.

wdre - Thanks! I'm really into scratching, transforming, crabbing or Your BDK Remix was hot, old school flava, that one took me back. Dope work!
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