Showcase - May 18-24, 2020

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first beat of many:

what an absoloute banger ! really digg this one the bass, especially the part where it bends down a note is so cool feel it carries the entire tune. listened to the whole thing twice :D only criticism and im grasping for straws here is the main riff might be a bit repetetive ? i dunno dont think its really a problem. If you had someone rap over this it would be insane oh and the filters were really sweet too


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thanks for the tips my dudes you guys are legends ! :)

oh and also i listened to some more of the stuff in the thread i'll give my two cents bear in mind im no expert haha

@DiezeALAPROD this is totally not my style of beat but i still like it the 808 i'ts really bouncy ! i like the dissonant notes you hit gives it a really sinister edge, maybe you can throw in hat/snare rolls to accent it at certain places ?

@KongoRampoozy I love how jazzy this is it has such a cool vibe, the slight talking in the background is my favorite part. oh since I was speaking about fancy drum rolls i agree with 2good that there were maybe to many and should be spaced out more, that being said the rhytmn is really complex you're super talented :O

@Fantom 91 this one is super agressive it's some real gangster shit haha i think its dopel dont really have anything perticular to point out just think it's overall really solid! I need to find some vocal samples like those :D
Yeah I get what you and @2GooD Productions are saying, I had chopped up the drum break to try and get rid of some!


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@Dzhi Beats you had me soon I pressed play. Very high quality, and great sound choice.
@KongoRampoozy i am really feeling that kick, deep pitch vocal, and arrangement.
@TRIPLE EIGHT love that first track and it’s simplicity.
@WIKTO-GRIZZLY nice groove with the guitar and very cool vocals!! I’m seriously thinking about doing my own vocals as well because of how hard it is to make a collaboration happen nowadays. Bro that remix is fire!!!
@OMAR. fire bro!! Love that classic sound
@2GooD Productions those drums are super clean on that flip you did, excellent mix. Just listened to the aftermath battle beat that joint is
@Crispifier very smooth, the overall mix sounds muffled though. Just work on bringing more clarity and it’s good to go. Nice work and great visual.


The Real SlimSpaceship
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@Matt-D thank your for the feedback! appriciate it, i'm trying to work on volume mixing eqing been asking people for tips i'm definitly going to focus on that moving forward! :)
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Fantom 91

Thanks man, it's great to know that someone is listening to my work... listened to your beat now and I hate to be brutally honest but it get real dull to the ear. I dont know if its

Thanks man, it's great to know that someone is listening to my work... listened to your beat now. I hate to say it but the beat became abit dull to the ear im not sure if it was the repetitive drum patterns or the melody. I think you gotta add abit more to the melody and spice it up with a new pattern on the drums and freshen up the sound abit. Sorry if this came abit harsh bro but had to be honest on this one. Nothing but love.
no ma man constructive feedback is always welcomed , the reason for overall monotony of the beat is i got that main part and i havent any inspiration in wich direction to took from that so i leave it at that so that is that anyway thanks for the feedback
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