Showcase - May 6-12, 2019

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Oh I know that sample, J. Cole used it on Can't Cry. Anyway, dope chops and cool vid, love it when the drums kick in, cool filters and other effects!

Here's my new beat

Ya Bro! ;)

Thank you very much for your evaluation of the fam! :up2:

I really liked your beat! :up2:
Very light and pleasant melody. Are these samples or did you play this tune?
Very cool sound.

Well done!


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@WIKTO-GRIZZLY love it. great skills and type of video also nice. I think i know this sample from jada mind tricks or something like this maybe anyway good job.

@D-Ace im not that j.cole fan but i think this sound like j.cole. Drums are great and melody kinda relaxed

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I like both beats. The first one turned out much better then I expected in the beginning. I liked drums very much.
The J Cole beat was also great. I would turn the hi-hats a little bit quieter.
Here is my beat. I hope that it is ok that I used acapella
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