Showcase - May 7-13, 2018

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216 Sound

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@216 Sound I think the bass and drums should be heavier, but other than that interesting sound, feels kinda catchy!
@JAY UNO Love the vibe of your beat, simple, but perfect, nothing too much, nothing too less, just on point!
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Thanks for your feedback! This beat is fire bro. If I could use one word to describe it, it would have to be.... epic! Good stuff

Illusive beats

The Only Illusive Beats
Yo this bangs. Love the piano and that bass man sounded real nice together reminded me of some Dr Dre type stuff good job with it
Thanks for your feedback! This beat is fire bro. If I could use one word to describe it, it would have to be.... epic! Good stuff
that transition from the intro is nice, great beat

Illusive beats

The Only Illusive Beats
@producervibes That just made me want to tell you otherwise even more, but I really can't because this genuinely bangs. Sounds kinda like a mix between Nottz and Scott Storch influence-wise. The arrangement is spot on, with the piano-only parts to accent a few of a potential MC's lines and all. I also love the swingy hi-hats.

Can't really hear anything wrong, guess this must be the best beat I've ever heard from you. Well, OK, maybe the kick might have been louder or more compressed.

Here's a little taste of a beat tape I'm working on, a couple of dudes from another place are already loving it:
knocked it out the park with this
good afternoon, its a hot day in virginia, im feeling queezy from a sub sandwich i ate earlier, so before i shit a storm in the bathroom, i wanted to show you all a beat i made, but first ill check out some of yours

@producervibes awesome west coast feel...classic keys and bass mix i love it...smooth shit here...takes me back to when nate dogg was the hook king in the music industry...very nice beat i like the change up halfway through as well...

@thizzbeatz dont know lil pump's music but ill take your word thats its "his style" kind of beat...this beat in my opinion was cool enough to listen to but there wasnt anything really special about it or anything that stuck out as being anything different but i do think this beat was made very well, just not my style of rap music...good job though

@crosstevsky nice transition from the keys to the actual drums, cleverly done i was actually caught off guard, really different patterns on this one and im digging the rhythm you produced, i wished the ending was as dramatic and cinematic feeling like the intro was...very unique i like this alot good work

@JAY UNO nice to meet you...loving the sample choice straight off the this is a cool ass beat i love it so far...makes me want to sample some steely dan for sure lol...i was hoping for some chop work of this guitar sample cuz then i would of jumped out of my seat lol...hey man for what i hear i really enjoy this beat and theres definately alot of room there for you to shape this stone into a diamond the vibe though make me think of rainy days

heres a beat i made...for fun...boom bap is my fav

<iframe width="100%" height="300" scrolling="no" frameborder="no" allow="autoplay" src=""></iframe>
Really like the flow on this one man keep it up
i'm glad to see so many talents online!


Sample heavy? Just a little bit.
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@pancakebunnny Congrats on the win the other day. got that beat on my playlist.
@DEEZ BEATZ your arrangement is top tier, I thought you had that comp. you make my job harder lol. keep rockin!!
@K-waz your beat was so chill, I definitely played that one more than once. you changed the entire mood with that piano synth whatever in the beginning. so dope. you and deez were my top bet.
@Fade thx for the site. enjoying it so far.
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