Showcase - November 11-17, 2019

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@2GooD Productions I didn’t flip a sample, I heard the song before so I got the acapella and made a beat around it. It’s a original beat. The vocal was just pitched down to match the tempo


King W
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@2GooD Productions This sounds like it could be used in a movie soundtrack, It's cool. Nice work on the drums and the choir!
@Jay-Dizzlr Kinda strange but it sounds like it could fit a rapper rapping about how he took too many drugs or something lol
@Matt-D It started good but then you did not make the beat evolve, I was waiting for maybe a bass change or a melody change or something, but It sounds good tho! Thank you for the compliment!
@Altered Future I would avoid those long intros on Soundcloud and keep them for the album/EP. That said, this is a good flip, nice energy, the pluck sound was a good addition. Cool beat!
@WIKTO-GRIZZLY First beat was pretty chill, nice vibe. The second beat sounded a lil more disjointed, and the drums were a little too generic sounding like they told me on this forum, acoustic drums would sound better. The third beat sounds well produced, nice evolution, drums fit perfectly, really cool! 4th Beat with a cool video! I'll soon start making videos too so that's inspiring. Nice melodies, really clean sounds and effects. Nothing bad to say about it! 5th video, I like the song but there is a slight delay on the first beat that bothers me, you know, it's not hitting properly, you should fix this bruh, other than that it's a nice summer beat!
@MIHSETAN Cool flip ! there is no evolution tho but it sounds good
@8ight33n you're funny dude! But yeah, it sounds like a good trap beat, I would make a good trap song about the danger of falling in love with thots, for instance, lol I like it!
@Copyno Cool trap beat, nothing bad to say about it, maybe make a longer version?
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