Showcase - November 18-24, 2019

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@Marc Duncan I like it bro. It has a nice vibe to it, you layered the sound nicely, and actually tried to add some variations, It could be the basis for a good little tune with a singer on it
@Digitali Musix Well, I see 2good already said a lot, all I can really tell you is keep going bro
@Matt-D It sounds real good bruh I like the chords progression hitting at the right time, the saw synth coming at around 2:00 was a nice addition and the soft finish, pretty cool nothing bad to say!
@Breeway I like the beat but the brass sounds a little too "factory preset" . Other than that loved the bass, the drums, the kind of pad that you had in the background and the breakdown of the beat was cool! The second beat was a less my cup of tea but I liked the arabian vibe you had goin on lol The third beat was more of a banger, nothing bad to say about it, you did you thing on this one
@TeeJay Sounds This is a beat for the club! You should have gone all out with the chords, the melody is cool but the beat lacks intensity and sounds a little minimalistic for a club song
@narcbear Cool beat, sounds cool, the second arabian influenced beat this showcase
@Smilez69 Minimalistic beat but I like the fact you created a real separation between verse and chorus and played with the melody creatively, cool track, I guess this is the first beat you post on here and not the first beat ever lol
@8ight33n Not my favorite from you, but sounds okay, not the energy I'm on right now
@WIKTO-GRIZZLY A cool track for the autumn, sounds good
@playaKO I'm kinda tired and it kinda put me to sleep, I guess that's the vibe you are looking for, I suck at mixing but I think it was mixed okay imo and the arrangement was nice
@stcbeats Drum patterns on fleek, mixing was nice, but the melody kinda lacked
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