Showcase - November 25-December 1, 2019

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2GooD Productions

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@Beautiful Noise Headnod 11. I like this, its simple in its construction but the drums are nice, its mixed decent. My only criticism, Id like to see more variation in that kick.

@TRIPLE EIGHT King shit remix. I like the beat, but I dont think it works with the acapella. The acapella doesnt do it justice.
Friends. This is a nice beat too, once again it isnt meshing well with the vocal. When remixing you should try to keep it in key throughout, easier said than done, but a vocal that works well with the beat makes a whole lot of difference.

@Mortally This sounds really nice, nice build up and progression, nice mix.
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Mister Miyagi Beats
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Some new beat if you got any suggestions they are welcome. I had a old project checked it out and started to create something else out of it putting pieces off or leaved them on the project eventually i made this sounds better than the older version of the beat. check it out leave your comments behind i appreciate it. Thanks


King W
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@Mortally This was fun to listen to, I like it. Good production bruh!
@Beautiful Noise Sounds okay but not quite, keep sampling tho
@Digitali Musix Those already sound better than the first beats you posted the last showcase. I like Cloud City, thumbs up, keep going
@K.D.R. The XXX Tentacion type beat was cool nothing to say, good melody, a good changeup. I did not like the melody in the second beat tho
@8ight33n Nice work on the drums on this one, cool clean beat, nice flow, pretty gud
@EsquireMusic111 This sounds really good. Man, you could get thousands of subscribers if you made videos showing you creating the beats, but you already know that, why don't you do it tho?
@WIKTO-GRIZZLY I can hear a French rapper on that, the melody sounds really "European", i'm not throwin shade either, just saying it reminds me of French folk music. Clean production nothing bad to say bruh
@2GooD Productions This beat is structured like a nice Rolex watch. Yeah good beat bro, it gave me a good energy boost! It needs a rapper on it now lol
Thank you for the comment, I mean yeah, you're right, I usually paste the vocals after the fact lol.When the beat is already done, I go look for an acapella, so the result might not be as good as It could be.
@TjombaBeats I like the vibe, yeah, did not expect that changeup around 1:00 but it fits well and adds another level of intensity to the track, good production man, I can't really be critical about the mix I can't mix for shit but I think you did good
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