Showcase - November 26-December 2, 2018

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Hey guys, once again I havent been very active here coz of school and all that, but in the 3 or so months I havent posted here, I managed to somehow very slowly pull together a 13 track tape. Ill appreciate any feedback yall can give me.

@yesnomaybe I like reasons, very chill and smooth, the only thing you might wanna tweak a little is the structure of the song as a whole. I didnt pay an insane amout of attention to the structure, but it seemed like the pauses were kinda random, they might not be tho, could just be me.
@EsquireMusic111 The melodies and instrument/sample choices are cool, the drum patterns are nice, but mixing bro... The bell sample, or what it is, is way too loud. Also maybe try adding some reverb on the drums so they dont sound too basic. Its a good base for what could imo be a lot better.
@DeCrescendo Big fan of Champion, Round One is also great, but I prefer the first one. Imma definitely check the EP out. These 2 were just 2 very clean produced beats.
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