Showcase - September 10-16, 2018

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hi all,
a while ago i dropped a little beat tape called transitions.
i recently finished an second project called constants. Please give it a try. feel free to leave a message:)
kind regards


@DEEZ BEATZ I like this beat because it hits just right with the way the kick knocks. Is that the sample from the asap rocky track with big krit, ghostface etc... you did a great job of flipping it. Nice!!
@Drago Zetić Great work flipping that sample!! Like you said just tighten up the drums a bit and it's a go!!
@PartysaurusWrex thanks man, I gotta practice more on those keys for what i'm trying to do. Your beat has potential I think it's just missing a few things as far as the melody is concerned, and that siren noise fits well but is a little loud. But overall good stuff just needs to be spiced up some except the drums they are good.
@Calm Thanks for the feedback mayne! I'm actually a sucker for distortion which is why I made the beat that way (which can be a big risk lol). What sucks is I can't edit the track anymore because when I made the beat about a year ago I was chopping samples on Halion but for some reason my desktop won't load it anymore even with my e-licenser dongle stick . So I had to pretty much throw the vocals over the wave file and mix it to the best of my ability that way smh. As for the keys I have to go back and check which I need to start getting in a habit of doing instead of rushing, recording, then forgetting my notes.
@Unknown Thanks mayne! Bangin beat!! Sounds very clean and professional. I also like that melody because it simple, nice, and effective.

Here is a mash-up I did with Mos Def and beat I put out a while back on beat tape.
Jazzy i like it !!!!!


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@The Thrillz Lovin the groove on this beat!! The guitar blends in perfect with everything and the drums hit just right, I also love that bassline!! Great production skills.
@Unknown These are the type of beats that I love when they're done right, which you did mayne!! Everything is on point for me.

Drago Zetić

Making samples and FL Studio sing.
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@PartysaurusWrex The imitation Ironside siren is way too loud, same for the 808 bass. I guess it's because the rest of the track sounds sparse and empty - you should really add more to it because it sounds like a solid foundation for something that should go so much harder.

@Taron Are these your first beats ever? They sure sound like it - you still have a lot to learn, especially about the basics of crafting a melody and drum patterns by learning from listening to music (trap drums are not hard to copy even with a basic sense of rhythm). Of course, you should look into sound design right after that.

@Matt-D The Mos Def remix is alright, nice and in tune. I like how you arranged it, but I don't think looping "Montara" is an acceptable practice today - it's an overused sample, no matter how wonderful it is.

@.calm That piano melody reminds me of how I did my very first beats - way too busy with the notes, but I like how it turned out. I think removing the strict quantisation and adding some chords in the background would do this beat wonders.

@NONONSENSEBEATS The sample and the drums don't go together. Also, it's way too fast - it would work much better as a slower boom bap track with harder drums (say, "It's A New Day") rather than some new jack R&B shit.

@The Thrillz Proper solid beat right there, cool and soulful. I wish I had something to address, but it's just too good for that. If I were a rapper, I'd definitely lease it.


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@Drago Zetić The sample is Bobby Hutcherson not Madlib and sometimes samples sound better looped and not chopped up. Plus there is nothing wrong with using a sample that's been used as long as it's done right. Plus I was inspired to sample it after q-tip not madlib (even though his is dope)
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