Sold my first beat today!


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Congrats @Halle and who's the artist?

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I sold mine about 2 months ago through a Reddit post. It was by a new rapper with barely any released material asking for beats to lease and I had just the thing he was looking for (keyword: hard). We exchanged some PMs and I sent him my prices, as well as a few tagged beat snippets of the boom bap shit I usually make.

He liked one and paid really quickly for my most expensive lease option, way quicker than the time it took me to mute the tags, export a .wav from FL, add a break between the verses and upload it for him on the old PC I used back then. Very soon, he sent me the track with his rap on it as a private preview, but I couldn't properly judge it because it was in German. Regardless, it sounded professional and well performed, so he wasn't just another one of those boring r/makinghiphop sing-song trap dudes.

In the end, I promised him to send some more similar material, which I'm in the process of compiling and selecting right now. Oh, and the song? It came out this month on his EP. While it might be the odd one out among the rest of the beats (everything else he put out was on trap instrumentals), I'm really glad I searched for the keyword "need beats" on Reddit and came across a completely reasonable, nice and fair MC. Of course, I'm slowly reaching out to other Reddit cats at a similar level to him.


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it was so painlessly easy versus hitting walls with rappers just wanting shit for free. How was your first experience when you sold your first one?
@Halle , that is great news....this is just the beginning!!!!!


way to go homie:up2::up2: keep going! many more deals to come.

the first beat I sold I was put on the spot with logic in studio with an artist I never heard. ZERO prior experience with logic..soo needless to say it was a journey. Shout out lead engineer eric for holdin down the stunt!
Congrats on selling your beat! Remember that contracts are important and help define who hold which rights. May not seem important for your first beat, but who knows if a song is going to catch on! When the song becomes a number one hit, know whether or not you are entitled to a piece of that pie!

Here is a little blog my partner attorney wrote you might find interesting: Publishing Contracts for Songwriters and Composers

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