Something I didn't know about that 7 Rings song


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Not that I would know regardless, it's Ariana Grande we're talking about here.

But I saw that apparently her song "7 Rings" sampled from The Sound of Music movie. So I checked it out and it's ridiculous.

First of all, the producers of the original song from the movie said she could use their song but they wanted 90% of the royalties from 7 Rings. So they went ahead and used the sample! That's insane.

So when I listened to the song (my ears are still recovering), it makes no sense that they would sample that. I could be wrong and maybe the 7 Rings producers replayed the tune, and maybe it's the way she's singing the song too that is what's justifying the 90% royalties, who knows.

Check out WhoSampled and listen to the comparison.

Now, there's the whole royalties thing, but I mainly wanted to bring up the point of sampling or in this case, interpretation maybe. If you wanted to sample a part of a song but realized you could just try to play it yourself with a VST, would you?

Anyway, it just makes no sense, unless like I mentioned that it's based on how they're borrowing the whole tune, I guess.

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It's an interpolation - she's singing different lyrics to the exact melody of "My Favorite Things". Not the first time someone's done that. The legal action was completely valid, as interpolations require the same type of permission as samples, except they only require input from the writers of the original piece, not the company that owns the specific recording.


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Shit, I always forget the word interpolation lol. Yeah that's it.

But I would like to know if you had a chance to play it yourself but what I mean is a variation of it. So in other words, use it as inspiration, so to speak, where it's sort of like the original. It's just to do it like they did and pay 90%, why not do a variation of sorts instead?


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i don't know why they make songs for her anyways, just throw her into a music video and make her show some skin everytime, this way she'd always make money, people don't understand music anyways...

last week i played superstition for my friend, he said wtf is that and putted migos on instead
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