Switch - "I Wanna Be Closer"


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@Klypse The way you have the chops from the intro arranged sound nice... A lil heavy on the vocals when they came in, for my taste, but still sounded good. Change up was a nice addition, vocals were more minimal... Transition back into the the original beat was smooth :up2:

@NONONSENSEBEATS Diggin the sample slowed... Good idea going after those horns. Sounds like you're on the way to having a nice beat once your done with it

@Edgar Dope horn sample! The timing does throw it off a lil but you made it work... You really created a "feeling" with this one... My favorite flip so far!

Took forever to get the upload to work, logged out then logged back in and it finally worked, but... Here's what I came up with prob could've made another beat with the horn sample I used for the outro... Went back and forth on the bass notes too...
Got that southern swing. I can see Luda on this jawn
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Battle Points: 72
@Klypse...Pretty dope...I really feel what you did with the vocals and the drum changeup midway...
@NONONSENSEBEATS - Sounds like a smooth ride to me..Real clean..Dope Flip..
@Edgar doesn't throw me off..It's dope that you thought to do that..I think it rides..Specially where the horns fall out..Dope flip..
@crog85 That's cold maaan..Dope flip
@A.R. DASUPASTAR - Most creative flip in the group..That's different..Dope
Thanku homie