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Today a post in the forums got me thinking about how much time we actually spend making beats nowadays. A while back I used to make beats daily, and I would also DJ non-stop, whenever I had a chance!


Of course finding motivation is the key, from either listening to some of your favorite songs or finding new ones that will give you that spark you've been looking for. Sometimes I listen to music from an entirely different genre than Hip Hop, such as Heavy Metal or Disco. Yes, Disco.


Another big factor is just plain ol' finding time to make beats! Everyone today is so busy doing other things that they don't set aside time to make music like they used to. I myself am always busy doing web developing, plus my daily grind, so making beats is always low on my daily priority list.

Taking a Break

It's also good to just take a break from making music, but not too long of a break. There's been times where I made beat after beat, but you have to just step away and take a deep breath sometimes. It's like when you spend hours at a time in front of the computer; after a while your eyes feel like they're going to explode - that means it's time to get up and go outside.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you always find time to make beats?


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Agreed. Im not gonna front, at times I do have the extra minutes to power up the MP but after 8 hours of coding and graphic work I almost never wanna use anymore creativity at that point - and thats where the real inner battle is I think.

Somehow u gotta find the motivation to either make time later on and fit into your schedule or just go for it when u dont have the juice on occasion and just see what happens.

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I haven't made a beat since the Battle That! tournament, I've just been busy as hell with the little man and work, that when I get home it feels like a chore to get to making the beats. Next year is my year though, I'm gonna learn the keyboard and make a new beat every week, so the end of next year I'll have a nice little portfolio to pass around places.


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yeah time is always something we fight with especially if you are not doing it full time. i try to spend each weekend working on tracks, and then during the week I just practice keys or oodle around for inspiration.
There are so many aspects in beat producing. Sometimes it is magic how feelings can be translated into a beat. Sometimes it is just messing around or practicing new techniques. Sometimes it seems a waste of time. But as it is a hobby I never force myself to work on beats. I do it because I want to do it. No deadlines, no stress, no money. Just good vibes.

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