The Denny Motion Strings - "Night Romance"



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@Cayenne This Is A Tune Mate I Really Liked How This All Came Together You Nailed It Pal I Be Sending Much Respect Your Way
@Dez-NYCe Has The Drums How I Like Em Rolling & Very Cassette Like Sounding This Screams Classic New-York Hip-Hop To Me I Think I Said This About Your Last Sample Flip But It Reeks Of That Underground Dark Uncle Howie Necro Type Sound I'd Love To Be Able To Get That Down
Good Job Mate


Dis is wat i got...
Love it!

I Liked The Lo-Fi Gramophone Type Audio Quality So I Tried not To Alter It Too Much Lots Of Hacking & Stitching
Loving the drums and change-ups. Sample chops are sick.



I made a point not to check other peoples before throwing together mine - you've all made full tracks though haha. I've got an 8-bar loop. First time I've sampled in years away from making music. Got some cans coming next week, but for now I'm on iPhone earphones, so excuse the horrible mix! Basically wanted to participate to learn FL Studios sampling shenanigans, and I'm really impressed so far.

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