The Problem with DJ Akademiks


Back before the whole BMF thing fell apart, when Meech and everyone moved to Miami they reached out to Chamillionaire to do some music and, not that he was going to do it, but Universal called begging him not to go around those guys because everyone knew how hot it was and how anyone even slightly associated with them could get caught up. DJ Akademiks clearly didn’t have anyone giving him the same advice.

With the recent reporting on the 6ix9ine situation, DJ Akademiks has been catching a lot of heat regarding his uploads of 6ix9ine before and after the indictment was released and he along with Mel Murda and Shottie were arrayed on RICO charges.

the problem with Akademiks is the same issue that we have with music; the barrier to entry has into both Music and hip-hop reporting has been lowered to the point that almost anyone with minimal effort can get into the game. I actually like DJ Akademiks, subscribe to his channel and watch his videos on a consistent basis but he’s toeing the line between entertainment and report and there are real rules to reporting that it doesn’t seem like he’s aware of and it’s getting him drawn into something bigger than him.

We’ve got the same issue with music. In the 90’s the barrier to entry was pretty high to produce music. You had to literally have thousands, if not 10’s of thousands of dollars to record music let alone distributing the music. Now you have the equivalent of a fan spending a couple hundred dollars on some software and a hundred dollars to distribute the material on the major platforms which have caused this over saturation of music that we’ve seen for the last 10 years.

Some of these other hip-hop vloggers are coming down on DJ Akademiks, but most of these hip-hop “reporters” are amateurs in the true sense of the word. To me, Akademiks is just in over his head and I’m sure that he has legal advisors telling him that due to his involvement with 6ix9ine he’s vulnerable to not only getting subpoenaed by the federal court to testify but if he has evidence or potentially has evidence of any crimes he’s liable to get caught up and indicted himself. These same guys trying to defend 6ix9ine saying that he’s just a kid and in overhead should be saying the same thing about Akademiks.

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