Thinking of getting the Behringer X32 Mixing Desk



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Seems to have really positive reviews, but its Behringer, and they have a bad rep for as long as I can remember. Some serious bang for your buck with this mixer it seems, is it really worth it?

Maaaaaan, I wanted to get this a while back because it looks so good. Behringer from what I know is hit/miss but they seem solid overall I would say. As for that board I don't know. I remember checking reviews and they seemed pretty good. The main takeaway was that everyone loved how fun it was to actually touch knobs and sliders instead of just a DAW.

I didn't pull the trigger on getting it because I don't have the room for it. Or rather I don't feel like changing what I have. But basically if someone gave it to me I would definitely be using it.


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We had a business meeting at the studio last night and one of the other producers suggested it. Motorised faders and everything, and I argued you have to wonder where they have cut corners to make that for the £1500 price tag. Considering motorised faders on a mixer usually comes in around the £7000 price mark. It has automatic recall too, just seems too good to be true.


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I'm not going to lie, I've used quite a lot of Behringer gear over the course of my career, from the big 32 channel Eurodesk Pro, to the 16 channel Xenyx mixer (this was part of my live rig for many years, now it's for production; almost 15 years and still going strong with no issues).

A lot of the gear they make is budget, but not bad. The Behringer Xenyx mixers, they're basically a very well built Mackie Onyx clone. I can't say anything bad about them at all. I've never had any issues with build quality, definitely not with sound quality. Great preamps, nice analog british eq's, no noise. If I swapped that Xenyx out for the Mackie that looks exactly like it, does the exact same things, but costs 5x as much, I can say with 100% absolute certainty that it would do exactly nothing to improve my sound. The company gets a bad rep, but honestly they make great prosumer stuff that's more affordable for the average musician.

Maybe at one point in time they made some bad stuff, and maybe some of their other offerings are hit and miss, but over the last decade or so, they've really stepped their game up, while all of the big name manufacturers are starting to experience cheap shotty build quality from cheap labor, and cheap Chinese parts.

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