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I was thinking we share tips and tricks in the different styles we do ? Old school, trap, hybrid lo fi all of that?


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I was thinking we share tips and tricks in the different styles we do ? Old school, trap, hybrid lo fi all of that?
best tip ever is A: know your music theory, B: Know the flow, and C: listen, imo. for me this worked the best.

A is obvious. you don't need to know all the chord names and stuff, but for instance in lofi you ain't gotta put yourself in a prison of "Scale", BUT to break outta the scale prison, you got to know it first, you know? know the rules before u break them. then you'll just need a few chords with out-of-scale notes.

B: this one is just experience. how many songs do u listen to in that genre? for how long have u been listening to hip hop? how many beats have u made in ur life? all of these matter. you know? the flow of the beat will be in your grip after a while. You see, this is the reason I told masta that this place is the best place to get the roots and foundations. everyone here has been making beats for decades, so they all know the flow, whatever new "Cool" shiny thing comes, if the foundation is alright, these guys would accept it. that's why this place is like an academy. you can get the general hip-hop roots in you by sticking around here, listening to more music, and making more music.

C: the best thing I ever learned was how to learn. just listen to best lo-fi songs ever for instance, then find the best artists, then go to their newest albums and listen. in this case the songs in the ending of the album that no one has heard is the Best place to learn the guys tricks. then apply the exact same things to ur beat and tweak it in your own taste.
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The best tip I can give for this sort of thing and its universal to all genres and sub-genres.
Study the style you are trying to recreate. Down to every detail if you have to, beat patterns, instruments being used, how they are layered and arranged. Really listen closely. Then practice what you have learned until you perfect it.

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