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New drum machine from IK Multimedia:

From their website:

"Up to 12 elements can be used in total between analog and digital sounds, with 11-voice polyphony available. Together, these analog and PCM sounds suit the widest genres of music and musicians, and a variety of live scenarios.

UNO Drum’s 100 pre-programmed and fully editable drum kit presets and patterns make it a first in its class. This makes it easier and faster for users to find an inspiring kit they can experiment with or tweak to create the perfect groove. All sounds made on UNO Drum can be stored and recalled on the fly.

A 64-step sequencer allows users to program in patterns one step at a time, using the 16 buttons across the bottom of the panel, or recording a pattern in real-time. Up to eight parameters can be automated per step to add even more variation and feel to their grooves. The Song mode lets users chain up to 64 patterns together to create extended grooves."

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