Vocal snippets/Samples.

Im in need of old style vocals E.G. Radio, Films, Interviews. Sounds that can be Placed into a beat to give more of a diverse and interesting Track. For example On the Album MMFOOD By MFDOOM, Madlib used a variety of sounds from different media to create a master piece.

i have done a lot of digging and found a few things i like but just wondering if anyone can help.

Drago Zetić

Making samples and FL Studio sing.
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My trick is to find music videos with dialogue in them. Nowadays, it's a fairly common practice, but I managed to dig good stuff out of old ones as well. Some 80s and 90s rap videos often have pretty generic dialogue in the beginning (like "Pusherman" by Nemesis or almost any early 3rd Bass video), but that didn't stop me from swiping. Slowing down and filtering the chatter makes it sound more puzzling than it should.
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