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Dahmi Mortals

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@Fade what going on with the limiting? I just noticed when my kicks weren't punching thru and my track sounded flat and lifeless (loss of open and lift) compared to original Mp3 @same loudness? theres no normalization is this compression going on? Streaming like spotify normilize not compress like soundcloud were you master to that compression to compensate for lossy coding. I mean we upload in mp3 so there lost in that already, this is a real bummer. I killed it with mastering very loud with dynamics those kiks were killer, what a disappointment especially when judgment is on mixing and mastering skills as well. @Fade I just realized in my rant here that this limiting of the tracks info could be public if so please direct me to it so I know whats going on in the background, thanks. Or correct me if I'm wrong, its possible (getting old).

I just woke up @2pm was working on slow cooking all night for my sons birthday today he turns 19 Geezas lol. Sorry I didnt vote in this competition as I know votes help from different ears. I still listened to some of the tracks here and many great tracks I must say. Great work everyone. Congrats to the winner @Radin BR Music.


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@Dahmi Mortals The only thing I do to all the tracks submitted is edit them equally so they're all at the same level. Some are really loud, others quiet. So I usually just amplify a bit and cut off the tracks that are over the time limit. I then save them all as MP3 192kbps. It might be a lower quality than what some submit, but I have to save space. I can't see how any of that could make your beat sound flat, especially just the kick.
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