Warzone Beat Battle - October 19-20, 2018

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Sweaty beats
*** illest o.g. ***
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The next battle will be from October 19-20th! See the information below.


The signups will be on October 19th at 10am ET, and end around 8pm ET, or until we reach 16 contestants (whichever comes first). Voting will be for 1 day, on October 20th, where the results will be posted the same day.

When you signup, you MUST upload all 4 of your beats. The upload page will close at 8pm ET!

The Signup page is here (click the "signup/upload" tab - it will open up on the signup day)

Theme: None
Time Limit: 1 minute


  • Round 1 will begin around 10am ET.
  • Rounds 2, 3, and 4 will begin as soon as the votes are tallied from the previous round. Usually it's about 30 minutes between rounds.
  • All beats must be no longer than 1 minute!

If you're not sure about the rules, read this thread.

If you have any comments, suggestions, or questions about the competition, please post them in here.



wow i was surprised to make it to the 3rd RD because i didn't really make any new beats so i threw in some old beats...i didn't think i would make it pass the 2nd RD..thanks to all that voted and good luck to the finalists...i'm working on my Halloween beat as we speak...that is the contest that i'm really gearing up for
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