We are Slaves of the Music Industry Company


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I have thought and read Alot about music , and music industry , and after all i am sure about one thing : if We wanna work in Hollywood as music producers , rappers , singers (and any musical job) , We Are Slaves ... and thatz a fact .

Now maybe some of y'all would say We all know that , and some would say Wtf arvin , are you going Kanye ? But this is the biggest point , hollywood is more disgusting than ever and i am to prove it .

Have you ever thought how you make it in the music industry ? Well , you have to make contracts with companies , and you start working but do you really think its that simple ? Nope .
Have you ever thought why dissing have reduced This much ? Why it doesnt exist anymore ? Why Two of the Only hit diss songs was Famous and Mercy , Both by Kanye West , a guy who doesnt care about anything but art ?
Its because companies control em , you cant just Diss a Capital Record artist when you have a contract with Capital records , they just dont let you , and you know what makes it even worse ? You cant diss anyone from any company , because of the mafia , because all music record companies and labels are connected , when you are in capitol records you cant diss Beyonce , because she has a contract with Sony Music , and if your song contain a sentence Anti beyonce , it will not be released from capitol records untill you remove it , and if you try to release it from any other way , no distrubiution company will accept to release it , cuz if they do they will have problems with both capitol records and sony music ... so they simply dont , and if you release it in any other way , capitol records will not work with you anymore untill your contract ends , and when it ends , you have nothing to do , you know why ? Because capitol records and sony music called all other music companies and they all agreed on ignoring you , so no single company will work with you anymore , and thats how the same thing happens to hou that happened to Many artist that were stars back in a day , but now you dont recall the name of .

  • Do you recall Iggy Azalea ? How she was going good in the industry ? 2 good albums , a big booty and some hits ? Where is she now ? 4 years and not a a single good song ?
The answer is pretty simple : She dissed Eminem so she is being punished

Or just lets stop there

  • Do you remember how free Eminem was ? That guy who dissed the Whole hollywood in 1 single song ? All songs was dissing celebs ? What happened to him now ?
  • He released a freestyle video dissing donald trump , rapping a whole lotta stuff about him , but did you hear 1 single word about Donald Trump in Revival ? No. Did he diss any celebrities ? Of course not , why ? The company is shady records , thats what we know ... but not everybody knows the parent company of shady records is UMG , the Universal Music Group , the same company that works with Taylor Swift , Mariah Carey , Jay Z , Kanye West , Lil Wayne and ... and thats where i stop , eminem isnt free anymore .
You know , Hollywood is not Only about music or movies , alotta news about everything are called "Hollywood" , like all of taylor swift boyfriends , and who is Chicago Kardashian Genner West f*** c***s***ing a****le unusable piece of **** Dating now ..
So if we look at movies industry we see this again.

  • Harvey Weinstein . You have heard about those #metoo s right ? Have you thought what happened to that guy ? Where is he now ? Is he in jail ? Well , your dada arvini read about that , He bought The Trial and nothing happened to him . Just thats it .
Now why should this be important ?
  • Harvey weinstein owns one of the biggest companies in Hollywood , a company that works with Meryl Streep , Jennifer Lawrence , Jennifer Anniston and a WHOLE LOT MORE ...
  • After that scandal about sexual abuse he started to be on the news everyday , everybody following stuff about him , everything is about him ... but no no no , Hollywood is not gonna let the boss down , instead of that , Kim karsashian buya another f**king rabbit and names her Kimia , and taylor swift goes out with another thousand of people ... wheres harvey now ? No news , 1 week later ? Still nothing , a month later ?
Awwww poor harvey , his wife left him , hes in a rehab , and the end ... but you know what is missed now ? Harvey weinstein is starting new movies and The SAME PEOPLE who posted #Metoo are going to play roles in his movie , and no one is gonna even notice , i swear the f**king god , This Is going to happen

These are all my opinions and facts that i think are true ... so dont be offended
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Good points. Of course it's well known that the industry is controller BIG TIME, from music to movies. So even if you're a music producer or some sort of artist, you can "independent" but you still eventually have to play ball with the big companies. Everyone eventually has to answer to someone at the end of the day. It sucks, but that's how the industry functions.


@ArvinArmani the music business is no different than any other industry w/one exception: there are no checks and balances regarding consequences of people's individual actions. For instance, get financially raped in the business? Good luck finding representation that isn't in bed w/majors.


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You're a slave to the system if you allow yourself to be. Thats why independent is the way. Great example Damani Nkosi and Tech 9


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You're a slave to the system if you allow yourself to be. Thats why independent is the way. Great example Damani Nkosi and Tech 9
But many of us know Alot more of Drake works than Tech 9 , maybe its a bad example , but the point is you gotta be underrated and probably underpaid if you wanna be that type of artist , And the fame and the money are kinda the whole point of hollywood , ain't em ?
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