Went record digging at a local record shop...


Just call me Ov.
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Local record shop let me come grab some random clearance records for a sample challenge. (Not 100% sure if this is where i would post something like this)



Just call me Ov.
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thank you!! i have a few more im going to do! i'll just post them in here!


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Yo Slim Dusty sounded dope! j/k. But the one where you said "this might be the one", I'm thinking grab that and slow it down...

I wasn't crazy about it at first but then you added your own stuff and I can hear it coming together!

Hey what camera are you using? Quality is nice!


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That Chuck Mangione though, I wanna see that shit.

You should update that screenshot of your IG though, you've got over a thousand followers now.

Do you have a Youtube channel or do you just stick to IG mostly?

illmuzik on youtube

ill resources