What Is The Reality Of Your City/State/Country's Hip Hop Scene


What is the reality of your city/state/country's Hip Hop scene?

Just when I started to believe my city didn't/doesn't have a scene or scenes, the reality is that there are several scenes in the city that cater to different subgenres of Hip Hop. The struggle is that the major tastemakers don't reside so you have to focus on networking outside your area and building real relationships. Also you need to understand on how to build a fanbase and following, establish a buzz, and develop a promo/marketing budget to make it all work.


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The scene in Knoxville is basically non existent. There are a few local acts. The few studios that were here seems like they closed when the industry crashed. A few hours away in Nashville theres a decent underground group of more rural hip hop artist like Bubba Sparx, Struggle Jennings, Jellyroll and Yelawolf and of course everyone knows about Memphis hip hop but noone has ever blew from my side of the state. One day maybe.


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My city too. But I do believe that in 2018, this is the issue wit ALL cities pretty much. The reason? The internet!

I think that the whole "repping your city" angle is just completely done. If you think about it, it's irrelevant in today's industry, which is fine but it's also sad.

I found this old documentary last night from 1986. It's Swedish, but what I find really interesting is how every area he went to, there seemed to be some sort of scene and community. Of course, this is a long time ago, but it also shows how different things are today.