What's the Best beat on illmuzik??


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I was just watching illmuzik youtube and fade was saying that he listened to a Whole lotta beat, which made me think Damn, he actually did listen to a jizghillion beats so far. so I was gonna ask him this question but then I'm like hey, why not ask everyone about it?

and by "on illmuzik" I mean from all the battles and showcases and ... ALL the beats that illmuzik members made, and no I'm not gonna shove a deez joke in there. but real talk, what's the beat that you heard and you were like Hey... This is on a whole nother level?

Personally I don't remember a lot of beats, but there was a Warzone where Primz was really on the roll, and Memento also slid in a really cool mellow guitar beat, and there was also this bugsy beat from 2016 or something. those beats really got onto my head. I'll think about it more though, there are definitely some bangers that I forgot to talk about. also it'd be awesome if you found the links to the beat you're talkin bout.
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That's a good question but I really don't know what's the absolute best. I have favourites for sure, like Afriquedeluxe's beat in an old Beat This: https://www.illmuzik.com/beat-battles/archives/?cat=bthis&battle=5

And THIS was the toughest battle I ever voted on. Round 4 between @Bugsy and @Sucio: https://www.illmuzik.com/beat-battles/archives/?cat=bthat&battle=14
That's EXACTLY the beat I meant when I said this. Bugsy deserved the win tho.

and there was also this bugsy beat from 2016 or something. those beats really got onto my head.
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All of mine.

Then, @Primz - "Talking Voice" (from recent AOTB)

That beat is fucking serious.

Oh, and @YannFer - "Mumbay Shit" (from some round 2 i think, Warzone a few month back)

^What happened to him btw, he ghosted?
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