What's the most you've ever spent on a piece of gear?


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about 4k for a Mac once, I used it for years so I believe it was. I have spend a few g's on various guitars and amps and I think it was worth it as well. As of late I have been selling most of my gear off. Its amazing how much crap you collect over the years. I want just a few basics and thats it. Getting close :)


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2x mpc2000xl in 1999 when they were released @ 3500 gilders each, no clue what it amounted in $
Acces virus b, same 3500 gilders and studio electronics atc-1 + sem filter ditto 3500.
hmmm, AH mixwizard 16:2 @ 3200.

computers yeah, different ballgame lol.

return value... ugh...

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i just bought a Mac.. but im gonna start usin it strictly for video for now.. i got 2 real keyboards.. the Fusion, and the Nord.. and then the RS7000 and the Beat Thang.. thats all the synth sounds i need.. anything else will be sampled wav files, which i have those as well... i stopped chasin sounds long time ago.

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here is the set up... the NS10s have been replaced with a pair of Adam A7Xs... and the only addition i have is the Beat Thang.. thats my old apartment... it set up the same, but with none of the clutter u see on the side.



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The most money I spent was on my Akai MPC 1000 (my first and only MPC). It was $879 brand new and I bought it within the first year it dropped. I still own it till this day...9 yrs later.:cool:
$2500 for a $3500 macpro(got it right after the new model dropped). $5600 on the focusrite 2802.

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