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here or if the link is wrong on song Dy-Na-My-Tee by ms.Dynamite . do you hear the percussion with a Tambourine sound that plays in the whole song ? it's there since the begining and to the end and never stops playing ... how can i make that sound ? is that sound of Tambourine or something similar ? I'm not sure because the sound is continuous .

i think i also heard this sound on too ... i need this for my new beat . Thank You .


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They sound different.

The first one sounds like a tambourine

The second one sounds like a hi hat
you can easily replicate the sound with a one shot if you have a tambourine sound.
Youll pretty much has to stretch, pitch up, layer original sound, add reverb, and then delay. then loop.
of course, you might have to mess with the ADSR to make it sound more convincing.


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