Which VST plugin for hiphop bass you use?


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These days i tried to cook some good bassline, but i decided that i need to find some really good VST plugin. I've googled what i want, but there weren't some good resulst, so i decided to ask here, and decide what to download.


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I use Serum...

Just tweak it to what I want.

Scarbee Rickenbacker is another I use on occasion.


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Omnisphere has decent basses in there but you got to tweak it a bit. Regarding subs, Fabfilter's oscillator (FF One) sounds good when you mess with it, but it requires even more tweaks than Omni's. Haven't tried Trillian yet, nor Serum, but I would like to dabble Serum a bit it seems like a pretty amazing synth.
Regarding other basses, Scarbee Rickenbacker, as Sucio said, is also great for some palm mutes and I also use it whenever i'm in the mood to just play guitar and destroy the shit out of my strings xD. The Scarbee MM-Bass Amped is also nice sounding and has 4 main presets depending on the style of bass you want. I've also read good reviews on ISW's Shreddage Bass but haven't yet had the chance to try it out.


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Scarbee Pre & J Basses and Monark(replacing my Moog Minitaur).

I've been wanting Trilian, but the CPU drain scares me.


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Scarbee Pre & J Basses and Monark(replacing my Moog Minitaur).

I've been wanting Trilian, but the CPU drain scares me.
Yeah..I'm not sure why these days VSTs still drain resources...

Serum does that on some of their sounds....Like pretty badly, too. If I really liked the sound, I ended up bouncing JUST the instrument when I was done and then importing the audio.


if you are going for that classic funk synth bass... monark all the way. if you want that new EDM type bass sound, Serum , if you want something more traditional Scarbee series are awesome and Trillian is a monster.


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I use Omnisphere, Massive, and Monark for basslines. Generally, it requires some type of sound design though. I don't really use the presets. So if you're into sound design I would get Omnisphere (it's pricey so if you're on a budget Massive is great too). Basic knowledge of synthesis and you can build any bass you imagine.


Back than I used to put Sakura bass on do studio. This was pretty good. Now I just use that bass guitar on Ableton Stock. It’s ok if u put some eq and distortion on it.

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Initial 808 Studio is pretty good, straight bass synth with LOTS of ability to tweak. Just started using serum, lots to still figure out there with limited time to play.
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Trillian is the best of the best.
If you still on 32-bit DAW, than Analog Warfare 3 sounds really good. (It's free, I still need to sample all the bass-sounds out of this plugin for future use)


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I use UJAM's... mostly the Royal. I get a decent sound without moving a single knob. But my basses ain't great I think. It's more of a shortcut. I had my eyes on IK multimedia Modo Bass for quite a long time now... And Toontrack is about to release EZBass which looks really nice on the videos so far... Not strictly hip-hop though but I like'em "real" basses in my beats...
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I know that feeling very well
Lol I just caught this 2G, I would have to spend a weekend just messing with it and not doing a single beat and I still wouldn't have it down... its nice as shit, but it has TOO much... thats why I fall back onto 808 studio, really easy for just bass alone, but serums is soo much more man... I also like how you can get serum packs here and there, and if ya find any that are handy, send me a link!

I just wish serum had less Dubstep crap in it... it made me try my hand at dubstep haha.. turned out pretty decent, but not really my gig

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