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Hello dear community,

my name is Zerobeats. As I can read from the name I am a beat producer, with love and passion I produce my beats. I have a female rapper by my side. She has released 2 songs on my Youtube channel, more songs coming in the next few days. I have released numerous beats and would appreciate feedback.

My label:

Midland Union Beats consists of:

3 beat producers
1 video producer
1 rapper

In our New Year video you can download 15 melody samples for free. These were recorded by FL Studio.
In our Xmas Special you will find 12 Freebeats 1 Drumkit 3 Tracks and 2 Wallpapers Free
We look forward to your feedback. We also appreciate your work.



Welcome @Zerobeats and who's the female? Try to get her onboard on the Ill!

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