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    Making mumble rap auto tune

    P1: Vocoders will give you a robotic sound with the right source instrument (try a heavier lead sound to get that really robotic vibe). Theres a few free vocoders and most daws have some type of vocoder out the box. If you're not familiar with how they work just watch a tutorial on YouTube for...
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    Production Stop Following and Start Leading: Let's Take Hip Hop Back

    100% agree something has 2 change. Not just the music, but the people listening 2 it & supporting it. If the fans change what they want to hear then the art will reflect that n there will be better music.
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    Sample Flip! - Stelvio Cipriani & Claudio Simonetti - "Un Ombra Nell Ombra"

    Started messing around w/ it this morning
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    Sample Flip! - Stelvio Cipriani & Claudio Simonetti - "Un Ombra Nell Ombra"

    Bet. I'll drop something in the next couple days
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    Beat This! - March 2-3, 2016

    Lotta dope submissions. I can't remember how the voting works its been a while, but i think we pick our top 3? 1. HuggyHG - "Vested" 2. Moaklee - "Girl Named Sunny" 3. Tito Sanchez - "Inactive" Lmfao special shout out to Sucio. That beat / the production was dope...Not sure how i feel about...
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    Sample Flip! - Stelvio Cipriani & Claudio Simonetti - "Un Ombra Nell Ombra"

    This still open? I'm trying to get down lol
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    Showcase - July 6-12, 2015

    fire. here's my feedback: was feelin it 2 much to not spit something. fucked up at the end lol. Really diggin your style @Spuntastic
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    Showcase - July 6-12, 2015

    This is cool reminds me of the only video game I could get my girl to play lol (boom boom rocket). Check this playlist out its the soundtrack to that game: digging this. I like everything except the first snare in each pattern, sounds more like a hat or like it got recorded w/ a phase or...
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    Showcase - July 6-12, 2015

    Other posts aren't displaying 4 me for some reason. I'll come back and leave feedback for everyone when I get 2 a diff computer. This is "Flexin' For The Show"
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    $300.00 Studio Challenge

    Yeah Graham's a cool dude..def knows his stuff
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    Production Get These Free VST Plug-Ins Now to Improve Your Beats Today

    def surprising that UVI Workstation is free Thanks 4 the links
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    2infamouz Trap Kit - Free Download

    I was contemplating selling some kits, but I decided to just put this together as a free kit. I know a lot of you aren't really into trap beats, but I've heard a few here. 2infamouz Trap Kit: • All the sounds in this kit at copyright free. • The 808s and kickdrums that had a detectable pitch...
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    Off Topic Why Producers Should Demand Respect

    Good article. I've always thought producers played the bigger role in music - especially in hiphop - and it's more true now than ever.
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    *** Beat This! August 24, 2013 Voting ***

    1. sobermindedmuzik: This is fire, mad props. 2. Lavito Beat: Killing it - That bell/piano/keyboard sound is pretty epic, and the saw / pad thing on the hook lol...shits dope. 3. Hardboiled: Really feeling this 4. Reyne: Drop at 0:39 << cold 5. Edmondo Mollusk: The bassline / brass goes...
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