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    Battle That! - December 5-8, 2018

    BTW, my favorite two beats from the comp were @DEEZ BEATZ - War Monger and @Kulateral - DaKidCold. Seriously those two were unreal, plus I can only imagine the heat that didn't even see the light of day in later rounds from some of you.
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    Battle That! - December 5-8, 2018

    Wow, great to be back on top of the Battle That comp! I'm glad you guys liked the beats! It has been a year of changes for me, so it was good to get back to making some music the past month or so. Much love to @Fade for doing this and maintaining the site all year. I need to hit up a few of...
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    So this is not a good week for me

    @Fade I have a mk1 sitting in my basement. I literally never touch it. I bought it thinking I would want it but I don't ever use it. Let me know if you want it. It's been down there for years now.
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    Sample Flip! - Al Jarreau - "Your Song"

    Born in Milwaukee! Al's vocal tricks are always crazy
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    What's this sample?! And where can i find it? Please.

    If you're asking me if I'm Jon Gooch or that little green cartoon - No I am not.
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    Warzone - January 15-16, 2016 - Comments/Questions

    @Mike Larrry - that beat is crazy good bro!
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    What's this sample?! And where can i find it? Please.

    Sounds like a pretty generic trap snare layered with a tinny/percussion sound. try layering some different sounds together to get your own results. Or, if you are in love with that snare... rip that audio and sample/crop it.
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    Warzone - December 18-19, 2015 - Comments/Questions

    Oh Damn, totally forgot that warzone beats are only one minute. (spaced and thought it was 2 min like the beat this) I'll be back next time with some better shit.
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    Studio Monitors

    I have the Yamaha hs8 active monitors. Not the ns10s.
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    Studio Monitors

    Sorry I had to remove the https:// before the soundcloud link as it kept trying to link it to the soundcloud player and creating an error. Is there a better way to just post a link to a profile? Not just a soundcloud song link?
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    Studio Monitors

    Quite a few here: soundcloud.com/user8988974/tracks I am not upset at all, just interested in your opinion, I will give the SOS article a read. Thanks!
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    Studio Monitors

    I am curious to your opinion Dream Police. I use the Yamaha hs8 monitors. Could you be very specific into exactly what your concerns are with the speakers? I use them in an untreated room. I know I am not even close to a good listening environment, but it is what I have at the moment. I am...
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    Video: Making of #6: KDVS - Venterommet

    Dope video Kim Daniel!

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