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    MPC 5000 preload memory sucks

    A couple words of advice... (1) Always - choose SAVE ENTIRE MEMORY for every project. TIP: Purge all unused samples first before saving to retain extra memory on your flash media. (2) Always - give your project file a unique # or name (3) Always - Save to a new uniquely named folder, Dates are...
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    compression / gain

    Theres a small caveat to using EQ "pre" compression though unless your doing "subtractive EQ" only since whatever freq's you boost will be squashed back down after the compressor enters the chain...theres no right or wrong since it depends on the sound your after but if your going for clarity...
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    Dang, Ive been so busy I forgot about that it over now?
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    Mr. Lif - Universal (ft. Insight) prod. Insight

    Blunt statement, lol. but Lif def gets it in!
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    My recent experience wit the NYPD

    Thats fucked up Stress! Sorry to hear homie...goes to show its just another business like anything else and people will do whatever it takes to make a buck on the greed tip. So are your wrists hella fucked up now?
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    how about your drums...??

    I got a couple rough personal guidelines I like to follow... (1) I generally have a specific sounding kit I like to choose from so I'll start there, whether it be a recent kit I built or a new one I'm bout to build but with the same signature feel I like. (2) Back in the day, I used to prefer...
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    Beat Thang sampling by Lady Tha ProducHer

    Lots of pretty lights and stuff but Id rather have a 2500 that just works like it should or even cop a Maschine. Cool, but kinda gimmicky at the same time, i dunno...
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    Reggiie Watts - I Like This Guy

    Reggie Watts is funny as hell! You never know what character he's gonna come out on the stage *Nice beat in the beats weekly by the way 2Good :)
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    Compressing a kick... punch or weight

    This turned into a great thread! Informative comments Formant & Step!
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    Vagina Aint Handicapped!!!!

    Dude....this is...fucked up on so many On the brighter side of things she puts Kreayshawn to shame which is a positive. lol.
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    Are u talking about that horrible bull horn sound thats used on virtually every mixtape?
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    Off Topic Why There's No Feeling In Today's Rap Music

    Well I think its safe to say the majority of this article applies to the mainstream.
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    Off Topic Why There's No Feeling In Today's Rap Music

    Real fuckin talk Fade. Great article man. I also think what motivates these kids to make such shitty music nowadays is that labels and the like still recognize that making these horrible tunes is like a make-believe-outlet for the audience to try and escape from their real life....To me its...
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    3 Tips For Better Rap Vocals

    Great feedback guys, I miss threads like this.
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    Hey Morpheus, I dunno how decent the stock tubes are that come in the TubePre, but you might also consider swapping the OG one out with a nice replacement too...that could help impart a different/nice tone on your vox as well...