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    Battle That! - December 5-8, 2018

    Oh snap! I can’t wait to hear the heat this year.
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    Beat This! - June 20-21, 2018

    Producers to get inspiration: Zaytoven - Metro Boomin - Lex Luger
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    Beat This! - June 20-21, 2018

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    Weak drums

    I try to find a kick that I know that would knock if I toy with it.... Bringing up EQ helps in specific spots (around 100hz, sometimes) . Also don't just put a low-pass filter on it. Sometimes that "snap" exists in the higher frequencies. I don't compress my drums. Also play with the...
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    How to count beats in Intros, acapella and slow music??

    Which controller are you using?
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    How to count beats in Intros, acapella and slow music??

    I just literally listen to it and I can hear it. I'm* is the beginning. after "up" there's a change in the progression, that's the beginning of the next bar.
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    Record Pools

    Beat Junkies is a classic..... as well as late night... Those are staples....
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    Record Pools

    I know this is a hip-hop forum, but.................. I've been looking into record pools for EDM and current rap music....maybe looking into doing gigs out here in the very near future...... I've done some searching around... Does anyone use a record pool?
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    Looking For Hardware to Reduce Lag

    I use (and still use) an mbox 2 mini using the driver for that in FL Studio...I've had that thing for at least 10 years. I'm at 512ms with pretty much zero underruns, using the ASIO driver for Mbox. It's compatible with Windows 10. Just download the latest drivers from the Avid website...
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    Changes to the battles?

    I haven't "battled' since BT 2016.... Kinda wanna stay that way....LOL
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    Changes to the battles?

    LOL You and me, both.
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    Which VST plugin for hiphop bass you use?

    Yeah..I'm not sure why these days VSTs still drain resources... Serum does that on some of their sounds....Like pretty badly, too. If I really liked the sound, I ended up bouncing JUST the instrument when I was done and then importing the audio.
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    Beat This! - January 30-31, 2018

    I don't think I've seen a turnout like this for these comps. That's awesome!
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    Changes to the battles?

    Fade: The politically correct champion.
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    Changes to the battles?

    I would say if it becomes a common thing that signups close too quickly, then maybe increase it by a couple each time to get that sweet spot. Themed comps should be limited....

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