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I heard stories of terrible contracts back in the 1950's/60's and it was so common because the artists didn't know any better.

Check this about Little Richard:

After Little Richard sent in a rough cut of what would go on to be his first hit single, “Tutti Fruity,” Specialty Records owner Art Rupe purchased the rights to the song for a reported $50, and Little Richard’s contract gave him only half a cent for each record sold.
According to the New York Times, by the time “Tutti Frutti” had sold 500,000 copies, Little Richard only earned $25,000 from it.
And back then of course this happened:

His contract was typical for black musicians of the time—while white artists would enjoy a cut of between 3% and 5%—and Little Richard also reportedly received no royalties when his hits were used in movies or covered by white singers, a common practice in the music industry at the time.

But then there's also tons of artists that blew through their earnings as well and it's both sad and frustrating to hear. The same with athletes. I hope the young artists today are paying attention.


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This @Fade is why I care equally about the racism in the business as much as I care about the art of music.

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