Armando Trovaioli ‎– "Surrender"


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@Fade I like chops and and base. The drums are on point, and the intro is also on point...Good Job

@Cayenne You beat is hella funky and upbeat...I like it. I also like the vocals you added in there also. I would turn the melody volume down just a tad bit but other than that...keep up the good work.

I havent posted here for a min but here's my flip:


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@Klypse Thanks for the feedback. For your beat, it's so smooth! I do feel like you could have used a bit more of the song in your beat, but for what you did it's dope. The vocal changeup was very nice too.


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@JodyKurtis Damn man I didn't expect it like that either. It was crazy and I like how you focus more on the drums...Good Job
Thanks Alot...This Music really Means The World To Me...Im Just Really Ready For That Old Sound To Come Back!!! Lets Bring Back Real Hip Hop One Beat At A time....Maybe The World Will Follow And Turn Back The Hands of time With A Twist!!!


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All of the flips are very good, they are very different in style.
@Fade Nice flip, i guess mine is of all flips most similar to yours, i just had to use that whistling...
@Cayenne Very agressive , sick drums and bassline, i had to turn down the volume though.
@Klypse I like how you slowed the tempo down and nice mid section with the vocal and celesta(I think)
@JodyKurtis Very melodical, nice added sounds.

Here is my flip:


@Fade that baseline is dope n I love the background screech
@Cayenne I love them dirty drums bro.
@Klypse I like the overall feel to it, like I could be riding bumping this, n that switch is nice af
@JodyKurtis I wasn't expecting that shii to flip like that, I like them vocals stab you used in them
@crosstevsky Thats baseline dope!
@crog85 your shii is always dope af bro. That shii bangs!!!

Its been awhile....