Armando Trovaioli ‎– "Surrender"


Back to the Grind...
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I figured this thread was dead, so I didn't bother giving any feedback... but it looks like there's still some life after all... so here we go

@Fade Dope beat! Diggin the chops from the intro that continue throughout, also like your use of the whistling... just enough to not become annoying lol Arrangement is good too. Glad to see you flippin samples with us!

@Cayenne This is definitely a head nodder... Vocal snippet is a nice addition. Bassline and drum pattern sound really nice with the sample

@Klypse Love the slow vibe! Change up is nice too... Kinda would like to hear a lil busier drum track, but it still sounds good.

@JodyKurtis Wasn't expecting the beat to come in like it did... upbeat drums really stand out, not too crazy about the whistling, but that's just me, definitely doesn't sound bad tho

@crosstevsky The chops you have on the intro sound good. I was expecting the drums to be heavier after hearing the intro... Not super crazy about the bassline, almost too melodic? Idk... that's just me, still doesn't sound bad tho

@crog85 your shii is always dope af bro. That shii bangs!!!
@Edgar I could say the same to you my friend ;) Been a while since I've seen u on the sample flips... but I guess I haven't been around much either. Glad to see your still at it! I always hear similarities in how we approach these samples... Somewhat similar styles I guess... I'm really diggin the slow vibe. Drums are a bit minimal, but with vocals on top this would sound really nice.

I think my mixing could be better, but what's new lol Seems like my kick could hit a lil harder... Idk