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Battle That! - December 5-8, 2018

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Radin BR Music

Battle Points: 75
I am out G's, congrats to all the ones that moved forward! Will be putting my vote tomorrow for Round 3.

My personal favorites for now:
Round 1 - #5 #14 #15
Round 2 - #18 #21

P.S. Any feedback or constructive criticism for beats #16 and #24 is greatly appreciated. You can DM me.


Did u make it thru?
No, but it's cool..I have won a lot of contests in my 2 yrs of being an illien..but this is the only one I haven't won yet..but I will. I made a bad 2nd Rd beat choice but it was too late to change it around..so be it. I will be voting for the rest of the contest...I have no bad feelings about how it went down at all...but with bad luck usually good luck follows.. I'm going to The Jingle Ball in Atlanta on The 14th..I got good deal on 4 tickets by being a Capital One member.. so me and my team are meeting up in Atlanta on the 13th.. yay!!!


I made my vote for the finals and now I'm packed up and heading to the Jingle Balls festival in Atlanta, GA... didn't want to leave so early but it's cheaper for me to leave now the festival is on the 14th at the State Farm Arena..if anybody is going to that let me know I booked a suite that sleeps 4..my flight leaves at noon PST..see you guys soon, I will be checking out Illmuzik while I'm down there to see who won.. Good Luck to the finalists
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