Beat This! - August 15-16, 2018

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Yeah usually the no-themes go over 20. Otherwise I get tons of messages from people asking me to let them in. It's a blessing/curse!

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Damn, a lot of crazy beats. I have 3-4 favorites, this was a hard decision!

1) One of the beats starts with a HIT sounding just like Coolio - Gangsta's Paradise. Did anyone notice that as well? :D
2) Another one used a sample which my favorite Bulgarian underground hip-hop artist used in this song - Great choice! Btw can you tell me what is the original? I'll appreciate it.


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The results are in! See what went down.

Fade's honorable mention:

@K-waz - just the snare threw me off.
@BboyFeal - felt like the drums could be more exciting.
@dei_go - great starting point, would be great to have a synth lead on top.
@JAY UNO - dope but I want to hear more of the beat and less vocal snippets (there was a lot).
Yea I can see that. I should've turn it down. I had a snare and a rim blend as one and I wanted it to snap like that but i think it was the volume of it or I could've use another snare. I didn't think I was going to win with this beat but I thought I would come as a runner-up. Bring some a little musical to the table. Trap & Boombap w/vocals seems to always win in these competition(I luv boombap tho lol). I appreciate the honorable mention! Congrats to @dBtheProducer
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