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In order to vote, please reply to this thread with your top 5 picks, from 1st to 5th. You must pick 5, otherwise your votes won't count.

Like this:

1st place: name
2nd place: name
3rd place: name
4th place: name
5th place: name


Listen to the contestants: https://www.illmuzik.com/beat-this-competition/contestants/

Please do not vote for your friends, vote simply for which beat is the best. We're trusting you to vote properly.

Remember, this thread is for VOTES ONLY, NO DISCUSSIONS.
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Old and dirty...
*** ill o.g. ***
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Wow...look @ this turnout!


*** ill o.g. ***
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This was honestly a tough one - usually these battles seem pretty cut & dry to me...

Heres my picks:
1.Tactik - Ill flip, evolved nicely
2.Ex - Ill flip, creative drops
3.2Good - Ill flip, great mix, wanted to put u @ #1 but the joint stayed static too long.
4.LowG - Ill flip, love the gritty sound, evolved nicely.
5.Gustto1 - Dope sample, cool lofi feel, almost just needed a slightly faster tempo to me though.


Father Timeless
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Low G

I liked Low G's most the other 4 I couldnt get a chance to get the list right


Hands Of FIRE!
*** ill o.g. ***
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Here's my picks, and why...

1. 2Good - because I can't vote myself number 1...lol and this beat is CRAZY! (Great Work!)
2. Low G - you came hard, Beat This is battle ish, Battle That is not. (Great Work!)
3. 420 - This could be a battle beat as well, (great work!)
4. Ex - This is dope, not really hard but the right MC could make it hard. (great work!)
5. dp - not a battle beat at all but your mixing skills are impeccable. (Good Work!)
6. Sucio - borderline battle ish, just not hard enough for me. (Good Work!)
7. Taktic - dope beat just not hard, good sound quality. (Good Work!)
8. Gustto - Not the best sound clarity but the sample and flip was dope (Good Work!)
9. Relic - Too laid back for me, dope beat and good sound quality. (Good Work!)
10.Tha1AndOnly - Flipping "Darling Nikki" is an extremely hard task but you pulled it off very well, you would've placed in the top with me had this been a Prince Themed battle. (Good work though!)
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