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Can i turn Plain Sine to Decent sounding Bass?


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I'm a little confused with bass. my ideal bass sound is sine, but it sounds too ... simple. i tried orchestra double bass, but it wasn't as strong as sine bass. other basses sound too ghzghzy (distorted or not sounding good, like nexus basses). then i listened to new (for example) trap songs, like tygas album. the bass doesn't sound like Anything i mentioned.

so how can i turn sine bass to the typical bass sound or at least a decent sound? and how can i reach the typical bass that everyone uses throughout VST or sine or ...?

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yes, IMO sinewave basses make the best sub basses

a great plugin to get more out of your bass is waves rbass, i find it good at getting more in the low end. Waves maxxbass is good for getting presence in the bass in the higher harmonic frequencies. Adding some distortion, unison or very quick delay are ways of thickening a bass so it doesnt sound so simple. Or layering a higher frequency bass over the sine wave doing the sub bass can sound very good.


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Try out the delay. Use miliseconds as time code it wil double your sound making it wider and more flexible set the miliseconds timer on a very low frequentie maybe 29-40 miliseconds
.Or use the Haas effect method. Search it up. https://producelikeapro.com/blog/haas-effect/ . effects can make the sounds complex. Just plain sine is always that simple just a soundwave.


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I have been a bass player for 20+ years and would be happy to help. Can you tell me more about what type of bass sound you are going for? Can you give me examples of what you are looking for? This is an article I wrote a while back about better rock guitar tone, it may point you in the right direction https://www.premierguitar.com/articles/Rock_that_Bass I also have to cation the delay technic mentioned above. While it can help you can get your bass out of phase real quick and that can kill your tone.

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