Don't Sleep on GarageBand (or its Sampler) In iOS


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Any iOS people here? Don't sleep on GarageBand and its sampler as what it can do is limitless.


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Yea, started on FL, but in 06 I got an iMac with garageband... started by just using drum loops and recording live instruments, then once I got the hang the piano roll / sequencer, and learned how to add my own drum samples I started doing my own drums. Tap them in with a midi controller, then quantize and tweak the notes in the piano roll... Then learned about chopping samples and adding them to different notes across the keyboard... It's like they say tho, it doesn't really matter what daw you use it's all about how well you know it.

I've been using Garageband 09 since, well... 2009! I know there're some things that can't be accomplished inside the version I'm using, but limitation also encourages creativity :up2:

Any beats you've heard from me have all been produced in Garageband 09. I also use Audacity for changing the speed / tempo of samples, pitch changes, and reverse effects.

I always think about upgrading to Logic, or at least the newest version of GB... just never did.


Greatest Woman Alive
Get @crog85 Logic as you won't be disappointed.

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