Drum Pads

Anyone here using drum pads? If so speak on it. I'm eyeing an MPD218 as I don't care for knobs and/or sliders.
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Yo be careful with that one. I really wanted to cop that one but then I read a lot of bad reviews about it. There's videos too. Search for MPD218 pad issue or something like that. Apparently the new generation of MPD's (26 & 32 as well) are all the same: the pads sometimes double trigger.

So let's say you hit pad 1, it might sometimes trigger another pad. They say it's "ghost notes" because the extra pad that's triggered doesn't play loudly, so you could always go back later and remove those extra notes in the software.

They're also saying that it's something to do with the build of the units. Apparently, if you loosen some of the screws underneath the unit the problem goes away (but eventually comes back). It has something to do with how the unit was put together very tightly so the pad sensor sheet must be too tightly close to the pads themselves.

Anyway, you could cop it but just be careful. Another option is to get just a keyboard controller and use that, depending on what kind of software you're going to use. I mean if you think about it, the MPD218 has 16 pads, so you really only need a short 25-key keyboard controller, for example.
@Fade an Akai insider at Gearslutz told me that the new versions have no double trigger problems.
@Fade the current ones that are available.
I am an advanced level finger drummer. to me All maschine models except the MK1 are my personal favorite. MPD pads, just dont have the same level of refinement ... partially because of the way the drivers work. they are not bad though and if you arent using maschine, then they are near equal (maschine has proprietary drivers that make it respond better when not in midi mode, when in midi mode things are more on a level playing field) ... Ableton Push 2 is really nice but the pads are much smaller, which is a gift and a curse, also you cant use drum sticks on it (if you do this on Maschine you can get realistic stick bounce for flams and rolls).