Fred Williams & The Jewels Band - "Tell Her"


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@44Beatzz cheers man, your beat really reminds me of galt mcdermot, really love that sound. been so creatively frustrated recently, normally like doing more boombap but having been playing around with 808s and trap kits and stuff.. but im so tired of the conventional trap beat now, feel like its disco at this point.
@2GooD Productions your always on point dude, have you ever played around with 3/4, 6/8,other time sigs and stuff?

2GooD Productions

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been trying to do some more experimental stuff recently, struggled with the arrangement, happy with parts tho.
This is a very creative flip, I think it could use a little bit of work on the continuity though, seems a little disjointed and doesnt flow so well.

Im sure I have fucked with 3/4 a few times, never really did anything good though. Im usually trying to make a 3/4 sample fit into a 4/4 timecode. I do make all sorts of music though, hip hop and rnb, drum n bass, reggae, bashment/dancehall, a bit of house. I like to mix things up, keeps it interesting, and keeps me versatile.

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