Fred Williams & The Jewels Band - "Tell Her"

Drago Zetić

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@macndabox The drums are a bit quiet and plain, but I like this house approach, sounds like something to calm the club down a bit after a hype track.

@Matt-D Nice spin on the introduction part and the clunk sound effect is excellent, reminds me of my childhood when all the playgrounds had those fat metal rings attached to chains. Only complaint is that the drums could be much busier most of the time to fit the song better, think fast rolling hihats.

@joemonco Holy shit... the beginning reminds me of some old Memphis stuff in the best way possible, but then it turns into so much more. The samples and electric guitar are a tad too loud, but this is impressive with the switchups and all, keep it up.

Here's mine, I'm slowly getting the hang of the SimSynth plugin in FL. Only used a few guitar samples and ended up sprinkling a lot of my other goodies on it. If anyone wants this song in full quality, be sure to PM me because YouTube is terrible for sampling.



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@Drago Zetić
I forgot how to reply and at everyone correctly.. lol..
Thanks for the feedback! This track is cool, real chill guitars, would be good for RnB or a movie score with a hip hop vibe.

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