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Music producers are a special breed, forever creating productions in the lab and trying to come out with that one big hit that everyone will enjoy. Over the course of many years, I have seen many members of IllMuzik come and go, and many of them had some really good beats, but the ones that were great were the ones that sought feedback from others, and they gave some too.

Getting Feedback

Not just on IllMuzik, but all over the internet, there are producers just posting their beats and asking for feedback from everyone. The problem is, they're not really looking for feedback, rather there's a good portion of them that just want to "show off" their beats.

It's like a DJ that spins records at home, he's also waiting for the time when he can play in front of other people at a party, in a way, to "show off".

With producers, it shouldn't be just about showing off your beats, but instead you should be looking to get feedback on your beats. Real feedback. Most will say they want feedback, but when they get honest criticism, they don't like it and start to question the people giving the feedback.

I have seen it all before.

Some will go on for days about how their beat is fine and it's everyone else that has a problem, and others will chill in the background, wondering if their beats really are that bad. The fact is, your beats may not be that good.

The reason why it's important to get feedback on your beats is that of course, it will help you get better. But that's not the only reason why it's important because it will also help you see why certain parts of your beats are lacking. For example, if someone comments on one of your beats and tells you that your bassline is too "busy", then it most likely is. You must realize that just because you think that your beats are amazing, doesn't mean everyone else will - and this will help you further your skills, especially when it comes to working with artists or companies.

If you're working in the studio with an artist and they say that they don't like a certain part, are you going to argue with them? Or will you step back and try to work with the artist to fix the part he's talking about?

Giving Feedback

Just as it's important to seek out feedback, so is giving it. One of the oldest inside jokes I have going with a friend is about a Hip Hop website from years ago. When someone would post a beat, 99% of the time there would be at least a handful of people that would say, "the beat is good but it needs more changeups".

This isn't feedback.

I know it can take a while to go through many beats and give feedback on each one, but either give solid feedback, or don't give any at all. Just saying "it needs more changeups", or "sounds dope" isn't worth anything.

Instead, give feedback like you would want feedback on your beats. The bottom line is that you're trying to get involved with everyone else that is seeking feedback, this way everyone can help each other out, rather than have just a few people posting beats and leaving.


There are different ways of giving and getting feedback right here on IllMuzik, and I encourage you to do so. No matter what you do, you have to remember that it's not just about you, and your beats aren't the best thing since the Chronic album.

Ways to get and give feedback on IllMuzik:
Offering feedback, and also taking feedback to improve your beats is the way to go. It will help you improve your beats, and at the same time you can return the favor and help someone else out.
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