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Ive been making beats for about 2-3 years now. I got into making beats because before the beat making i was a rapper. I got tired of having to search for exclusive beats or using the hottest songs beat out at the time. Always been a music person from a young age. Had to get off my ass and get what i wanted. How about you?
Bro the pure frustration of having 1000 other rappers on the same hot beat was a killer. Was endless who had the better version.

Ah nice man i want to get onto djing, just dont have the right resources or people to learn from...
You're welcome @Wiinkso and I like to give the guidance I never had and don't get. I'm self directed.
Respect on that one. I find alot of people in this industry find it difficult to help others without feeling like they are saying too much or giving away tips that they might want to keep back for themselves. So again nice to find a community that seems genuine

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